Week In Review!

What’s up everyone? I find myself saying “It’s been awhile” again – life in the new normal just doesn’t allow enough time to get everything done. I do have a new WEEK IN REVIEW for your reading pleasure. Please ignore the fact that it is late and in the middle of the week. Concessions must be made. I have also allowed myself to interject some personal opinions and commentary with this week’s bounty. I just had a birthday this month and decided that I am too old to keep my thoughts bottled up like a snifter of Corellian brandy kept behind the bar at Chalmun’s. So with that said, love it, hate it, or have the emotional indifference of Lobot – Here is your Week in Review

• It seems like LANDO CALRISSIAN’s sexuality has been confirmed and cemented in Star Wars canon. From Starwars.com – “This Pride Month, gay and transgender artists will pay homage to some of the LGBTQ+ characters inhabiting a galaxy far, far away in a special line of variant comic book covers”. Among those characters featured is Lando Calrissian – seemingly confirming what SOLO writer, Jonathan Kasdan claimed earlier – that Lando was pansexual. Predictably, some folks have a problem with this. It is odd how some people have no problem believing in walking carpets, planet destroying space stations, a little green wizard that sounds like Grover from Sesame Street, or the fact that teddy bears beat up the Empire – but they draw the line when a character’s sexuality isn’t what they assumed it was. Amazing how that works.

• JAXXON! Yes, everyone’s favorite space bunny is now an action figure! Hasbro announced that the character is making his way to their 6 inch Black Series line in the not too distant future. Introduced way back in the beginnings of Marvel’s Star Wars comic book series in 1977, Jaxxon was one of the first forays into the blossoming Expanded Universe, published 4 months before SPLINTER OF THE MIND’S EYE. This big green rabbit was my first glance as to what existed in this world outside of the movies and it is about time that he was immortalized in posable plastic. I must admit – I was taken aback by the number of “He looks like Bucky O’Hare” comments I have read online. Listen you neophytes, Jaxxon doesn’t look like Bucky O’Hare…Bucky O’Hare looks like Jaxxon. Get it right.

• *Whew* Sorry about that. I get worked up over the silliest things. Kinda like Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker? WHAT?!? Stan told Good Morning America that “If Mark Hamil called me, personally, to tell me he feels inclined to share this role with me, then I will believe it,” when asked what it would take for him to accept the role of Tatooine’s favorite waterfarmer. The concept of Stan playing Luke, largely spearheaded by fandom’s newfound push to make creators pay attention to their voices, has gained much traction as of late. Hey, stranger things have happened….

On a personal note, I just want to take a second and throw this into the court of public opinion. This probably isn’t going to be a popular statement – concerning where we are collectively as fans of STAR WARS We are currently living in the second golden age of Star Wars. At the end of the first golden age, right around the mid 1980s, there wasn’t much to keep fans excited. Sure, we had the ewok movies and some Saturday morning cartoons to keep the brand alive, but that only provided minimal staying power to a dying franchise. Fast forward 35 years and the world we live in has Star Wars content being churned out on a yearly basis. Movies, books, live action and animated shows and comic books are widely available and seemingly never ending.
The Star Wars franchise is now in a place that I never thought it would be in – a relevant movie franchise that is existing and prospering 44 years after it’s debut. However, passions do run deep. So, if something is subpar, people should get upset. However, if one’s fan theory does not come to fruition in the latest movie or show, or if people are lashing out at someone involved with the franchise because of a perceived slight against this thing we all hold so sacred, do me a solid favor – hold it together and stop making the rest of us look bad. I have enough reasons to have the public at large look at me with disdain – I don’t need folks thinking I am a part of the whiny, but vocal, Star Wars fanbase as well.

That’s it. I have said what I wanted to say. Questions? Comments? Want to call me a Disney stooge? You can do all of this and more at Traviscrafts@gmail.com. I would like to say that I will talk to you next week, but my batting average hasn’t been too good as of late. So I guess I will say – Until Next Time.

Week In Review!

Woo Hoo! I’m on vacation! Ah, February break – a time to rest up from my other gig of an educator in a school in Maine and relax! Before I crawl into the belly of a Tauntaun and try to make my way through a very frigid Maine winter, let’s talk some Star Wars, shall we? Lock those S-Foils in attack position – here is your Week in Review.

  • The big news of the week has to be that Lucasfilm has severed ties with Gina Carano, who has played Cara Dune for 2 seasons of THE MANDALORIAN on Disney+. The 38 year old Carano’s status with Lucasfilm was finalized Wednesday night after Lucasfilm released a statement clarifying the situation. “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable”. Much like every other Star Wars fan out there, I too have an opinion about this situation. However, seemingly unlike the rest of the internet, I won’t share those thoughts here. I will say that I did enjoy her take on the character of Dune and what she brought to the table. I will miss that from future Star Wars tales.
  •  According to CNBC, Hasbro saw a 70% increase in sales last year, due in large part to it’s STAR WARS license, Aw, let’s just say it….THANKS TO GROGU!
  • And, rounding out this week’s WIR, I give you the ABOMINABLE SNOWGROGU 

    As always, drop me a line at ​traviscrafts@gmail.com​. Hey, did you hear that YODASNEWS.COM is celebrating their 17th year in slinging Star Wars info? There is a good chance that some of you don’t remember a time WITHOUT Yodasnews.com. Wow. That makes me feel old. Be sure to keep checking throughout the month to see what giveaways we are doing! And with that, I’m on vacation. See you all in 7 days! Take care and be nice to each other, huh?

Week In Review!

And just like that we are in the first week of February. Welcome to the world famous YODASNEWS.COM – where Padawans go to learn the things that Yoda refuses to teach them. My name is Travis Crafts and we are about to hit the refresh button on the week and see what new Star Wars information pops up. Belly on up to the bar folks, but don’t worry about that little one – He’s not worth the effort. Here is your Week In Review…

• Ewan McGregor recently confirmed when and where KENOBI will start filming. Interviewing celebrities while on his treadmill (in order to accomplish 31 marathons in 31 days…for some reason) comedian Eddie Izzard was given the scoop from McGregor himself. McGregor stated that filming starts this spring and the series will be filmed in Los Angeles. The series, another Disney Plus exclusive, will be set to air either late 2021 or early 2022.

• Speaking of Disney Plus, THE MANDALORIAN received a Golden Globe nomination for Best TV Drama. The series will go up against Netflix’s The Crown, Ozark, and Ratched, as well as HBO’s Lovecraft Country, with the winner announced live on NBC, February 28th. After having every major awards show snub all of the made for TV Ewok movies, as well as the ZERO recognition given by the Academy for the Star Wars Holiday Special, this tip of the hat from the Golden Globes is a very nice gesture. However, I feel that it is too little, too late in terms of making up for the lack of rewarding the outstanding legacy of wonderful STAR WARS television content over the years. But I could be wrong.

• Are you a ridiculous Star Wars fan? Do you own a hunting cabin that is nestled snugly in the middle of the woods? Do you have a bare spot on the wall between your mounted bear head and your singing Big Mouth Billy Bass? Well, stop what you are doing and listen up – Regal Robot has a solution for your decoration dilemma. Yes, for a nominal price, you can own your very own, mounted Tauntaun head. Made from fiberglass, resin and rigid foam, each head is hand painted and is on a 1:1 scale. The basic version will set you back about 7 grand, but for only a thousand dollars more, you can get the reins and a dusting of “snow” thrown in to sweeten the package. I kid a lot – about a great many things. However, if there was ever an item I never knew I needed…it is this.

That is it for this week. As always, if you have any questions, concerns or news, please drop me a line at traviscrafts@gmail.com. Until then, may the mynocks never chew on your power cables…

Week In Review

Happy belated New Year! Travis here. It has been a while since the last time I said “it has been a while”. 2020 is over and the uphill climb towards the way things used to be is in full effect!. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things – easing my big toe into the waters of all things Star Wars – and trying to bring some fun stuff YODASNEWS.COM. So, while I work on other ideas for your Star Wars reading pleasure, it is time to talk about the last seven days. Get those units in the South Ridge repaired by midday and then come back here. It’s time for the Week in Review…

  • – A first look was given to the guest rooms in Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser, the Star Wars  themed hotel that is currently being constructed near Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. Boasting a 2 night “all-immersive adventure” the hotel is seemingly bringing the cruise ship experience to a luxury hotel…one that sends guests to a galaxy far, far away. Want to be waited on by an Ithorian at the ship’s bar? Ever wanted your hotel concierge to use his Lobot-esque, cyborg implants to book you dinner reservations? My lifelong dream of calling housekeeping and asking them to restock my mini-fridge’s supply of blue milk is almost a reality. The Star Wars Galactic Starcrusier 2 – night adventure is scheduled to open later this year.
  • – For almost 8 years Electronic Arts has had exclusive rights to create games in the Star Wars universe. That reign is now over. Rival video game maker Ubisoft has been tasked to create an open world game that takes place in the Star Wars universe. Although it is in the very early stages of creation, Ubisoft is sure to bring a fresh take to the franchise and offer an unique experience to video gamers everywhere
  • – It seems that K-2SO will not appear in the first season of ANDOR, airing on Disney+ in 2022. Recently, Alan Tudyk told Collider “They’re shooting it right now, I’m not in it. But, if it stays on the air, stories keep getting told, I’ll end up in there”. Of course, with the endless supply of magic and technological wizardry from Disney, anything is possible.
  • That is all I have this week. To be honest, it feels good to start writing again. 2020 was a festering pile of bantha poodoo and having the privilege to write for YODASNEWS.COM is one of the ways I am hoping to bring normalcy back into my life. I hope it brings a wee bit of sunshine into your as well. End of sappiness.
  • See you next time…

Week in Review

Hello, hello, hello! Welcome to the home of good droids with bad motivators, YODASNEWS.COM! Another week down in the battle against the coronavirus and another couple of pounds I have gained while quarantining with the magic of curbside pick up.  Not a ton of news this week. I have just three items to go over and then you can get back to watching Tiger King. Here comes your week in review.

  • Just a reminder that YODASNEWS.COM is a part of Hasbro’s Official Fan Vote! In one swift moment, you can take part in TWO things that make America great – exercising your right to vote and STAR WARS! To quote what Mark said in an earlier post – “You are placing a vote for your favorite Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series figure to be refreshed with photoreal deco (if applicable) and join The Black Series Archive line as one of the top Star Wars: The Black Series figures! Once voting closes we will send our top 10 picks to Hasbro, they will then use that list and input from the other fan sites that were asked to participate to host a final fan vote on Hasbro Pulse on Friday, 5/15! To vote, you need to e-mail us at Yodasnews@gmail.com with the subject line 2020 HASBRO FAN VOTE – Please make sure that you use that specific subject so we are sure to make every vote count!”
  • May 4th is today STARWARS.COM has compiled a list of some of the crazy deals that are going on now, or will be live on the 4th (https://www.starwars.com/news/starwarsdaydeals). This could be the financial rebound the economy needs right now – Rabid Star Wars fans are stuck at home, maybe not thinking too clearly after weeks of frozen pizzas and Dr. Pepper. Stimulus checks are sitting in their bank accounts, waiting for the right moment to do their duty. A bunch of really cool Star Wars goodies will be available and on sale. I tell ya, tomorrow could be the day where the country turns the financial corner…and Star Wars fans will be reason. I know I will be there!
  • In addition to the May 4th madness, Disney has decided to release THE RISE OF SKYWALKER on Disney +. That’s right – starting on May the fourth, all nine STAR WARS films will be available to stream on Disney +. C’mon…show the world what TRUE binge watching is…

Well, that’s it this week. Just a quick plug that part 2 of the Prequels vs. Sequels discussion will be on YODASNEWS.com this week. Lightsaber battles will be the topic. Where does the best blade action reside? Hmmm…I should probably find out and let you know. As always, email me at Traviscrafts@gmail.com . See you in a few days!

Week In Review!

Happy Monday everyone! Glad to have you back! Have you all been washing your hands and doing your best to help flatten the curve? If you haven’t – start now. It would be a shame if you did something that might make you miss out on the future of this franchise we all know and love. Speaking of the future of Star Wars, let us jump right into the week in review…

  • On April 24th, Lucasfilm announced the addition of four new actors to the upcoming CASSIAN ANDOR series on Disney +. Genevieve O’Reilly, Stellan Skarsgard, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller will be joining Diego Luna on the series. Can Disney catch lightning in a bottle again and duplicate the success of THE MANDALORIAN?
  • According to Forbes, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER was the most watched movie at home last week. The data is based on cable, satellite and internet video on demand viewings. Rounding out the top five are Bad Boys for Life, Sonic the Hedgehog, Dolittle, and Jumanji: The Next Level. Not too bad considering your local Mega-plex is shut down. TROS is still in the public eye 4  months after it’s release.
  • From the “What else are you going to do during quarantine” Dept. Some magical soul decided to edit all 9 Star Wars movies together so one could see them all during one viewing. On paper, it is a very cool idea. However, finding a practical application of such an endeavor is maddening. By all means, give it a shot.

 Not the biggest news week, but some is better than none. Until next time, don’t bullseye the womp rats – they never did anything to you, did they?

Week In Review!

Greetings and welcome to the home of all things Star Wars – YODASNEWS.COM. I am going to try to get back into the swing of things here and bring you all of this week’s Star Wars News. Please stay 6 feet apart and practice social distancing while we go through your week in review.

  • ROGUE ONE screenwriters Gary Whitta and Chris Weitz revealed some tasty tidbits while on the latest installment of IGN’s Watch From Home Theater. It seems that some titles that were contemplated before settling on ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY were DARK TIMES, REBELLION and SHADOW OF THE EMPIRE. Thank goodness they stuck with ROGUE ONE. 

  • On May 12th, a revamped, refurbished and rehashed version of STAR WARS EPISODE 1: RACER will be released on the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch video game systems. Boasting new graphics and controls true to the original, the racing classic will be sure to attract fans who weren’t around 20 years ago for the original release, as well as bring back the casual gamer who played this on the N64 at the end of the millennium. I, for one, can’t wait to buy some Hot Pockets, put some Smashmouth on in the background, and play this until the wee hours of the morning. Who would have thought I would be anxious to relive my mid-twenties?

  • Is that stimulus check burning a hole in your bank account? Have no fear, Lego is here. Just in time for May 4th, the toy that has caused permanent injury to millions of unsuspecting feet around the world has announced their latest entry into their Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series – the A-Wing. Clocking in at 1,672 pieces, with a price tag of $199.99, the A-wing comes with a display stand, information plaque and A-Wing pilot. I have several of the Ultimate Collector Series ships and I think they are amazing. Just be careful when you move them around. One of the worst feelings in the world is losing your balance and dropping a 1500 piece Lego B-Wing fighter.

  • Finally, if you are one of those folks who are finding themselves in Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting with no end in sight, STARWARS.COM has come through for you! Offering over 30 backgrounds for your side of the camera, STARWARS.COM is bringing you to the galaxy far, far away while you are being far, far away from work. Want to talk to your boss while you are on Hoth? No problem. Need to focus your employees’ attention while you talk about the mission statement? When your background is Starkiller Base, that isn’t a problem. Chatting with Grandma? Do it from Tatooine. If you are going to zoom, at least have fun with it. 

Well, that’s it boys and girls. I am going to try to get new content up here as soon as possible. In fact, barring some unforeseen circumstances, I hope to settle a question that has been around for a whopping 4 months now – which trilogy was better? Episodes 1-3 or Episodes 7-9? Stay tuned to YODASNEWS.COM for the answer.

Oh, if you don’t hear anything from me in a week, please email me at TRAVISCRAFTS@GMAIL.COM and tell me to get off my Hutt like backside and start writing, huh? Thanks. Stay safe everyone!

Week In Review!

Ho, ho, ho and Happy Holidays everyone! The rumors of my carbon freezing has been wildly exaggerated. The Star Wars Week In Review makes a grand return to the interwebs just under the wire as we get ready to say goodbye to 2019 and greet 2020 with much anticipation. I couldn’t have picked a better time to come back. I guess there was a movie that came out recently? Some kind of fan favorite that had weird, hairy creatures doing all kinds of crazy things? Yes, we will talk about CATS later on, but right now, here at YODASNEWS.COM, let us get into the holiday bounty that is STAR WARS – THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Here is your week in review.

  • What else is there, right? THE RISE OF SKYWALKER made its debut this week. VARIETY reports that it is on track to earn just shy of 200 million this weekend. Earning 40 million on Thursday preview alone, TROS sits behind THE LAST JEDI and THE FORCE AWAKENS in Thursday previews for the new trilogy (making 45 million and 57 million respectively). Reactions been split on Episode 9, with it earning 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes tomatometer but holding 86 percent on its audience score as of this writing. Whatever you think of it, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is the ending to the story that started over 42 years ago. Now, the next big question – What will DISNEY do next?

  • I mean, What will DISNEY do next AFTER they give us episode 8 of THE MANDALORIAN? For all intents and purposes, Jon Favreau has been crushing it with this series. By providing a great story, well developed characters and the look and feel of the seedier corners of the Star Wars universe, Favreau just might be the “go to” guy in the future of Star Wars storytelling. And, of course, “Baby Yoda” doesn’t hurt matters either. In my other life, I work at a high school. In the last month, at least once or twice a day, I have heard students talking about “Baby Yoda”. Some have seen the show and some have no clue what Star Wars is. However, “Baby Yoda” is common knowledge. Is “Baby Yoda” a marketing tool? Absolutely. And you know what? It is working.

  • That is all I have for this week. I hope you all have a great Life Day and enjoy the season. If I may get just a wee bit preachy here – if you are able to help out…Toys for Tots or your local giving tree…please do so this holiday season. I remember opening up many a toy (mostly Star Wars) on the 25 of December, both as a child and as an adult, and it is a joyous feeling that no child should miss out on. If you can – do so.

            Thanks for having me back!

Week In Review!

Hey everybody! How was your Triple Force Friday? As good as mine? Man, I hope not. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome to Yodasnews.com – Where the Bothans should have gone to get their information in the first place. Here is your week in review.

  • Well, another Force Friday is in the books. The day that showcases the newest and latest Star Wars merchandise was met with desperate searching for said merchandise by collectors who were more than willing to drop some of their hard earned income to acquire it. More than one report claims that stores all over the country either had little to no new Star Wars product out on the shelves, or that the items they did have for sale were not the “Hot” Items (i.e. The Mandalorian figures and The Vintage Collection) – with some claiming that employees snagged those figs before the doors were unlocked. There is no finger pointing here. There were people who did score and some reports claim certain stores had an abundance of product. Personally, I visited two Wal-Marts and a Target only to find one Black Series 6 inch Cal Kestis figure and several Skiffs, of which I grabbed one. So, if you are lucky enough to count yourself as one who hit the jackpot on Triple Force Friday – Congratulations! Hopefully Hasbro keeps the pipeline full of Star Wars goodness so those of us who missed out can catch up with those who scored.

  • According to USA Today, Porsche has teamed up with Lucasfilm to promote THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. On Porsche’s Instagram account, a photo is shown with the caption “Something exciting is coming from a galaxy far, far away”. C’mon Porsche…I just dropped 40 bucks on the toy skiff. I’m not made of money.

  • Speaking of spending crazy money on Star Wars stuff because..well..what else are you going to do with it, cookware giant Le Creuset is introducing a line of Star Wars inspired, kitchenwares. From a Han Solo in carbonite roaster ($450) to a Death Star Trivet ($20), Le Creuset has got your Lucas branded, kitchen needs covered. I will now write four words I know I have never written in the same sentence before – Darth Vader Dutch Oven.

  • Diahann Carroll passed away on October 4th. Best known for her work on Broadway and her TV show JULIA, Carroll was a multi-talented performer who was involved in the entertainment field for over 60 years. Of course, she will always be MERMEIA the HOLOGRAPHIC WOW from THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL in my book.

 That’s all from me this week. Be sure to check out all of our coverage from New York Comic Con on Instagram, Facebook and on Yodasnews.com. It seems like there is some really cool stuff out there this year. I’m off to find a recipe for Rootleaf Stew so I can eat like Yoda when I get my BB-8 pot. If you have any questions, concerns or Star Wars recipes, hit me up at Traviscrafts@gmail.com. Until next time – Don’t bullseye the womp rats. What did they ever do to you?


Week In Review!

Greetings to all of you scruffy-looking nerf herders out there! I must apologize for not having a WEEK IN REVIEW last week. I was really bored and decided to have my wisdom teeth removed to break up the monotony of work, Star Wars, and Cheetos. Big mistake.  Well, lesson learned. Now that I am able to chew again without wincing, it’s time to hit the keyboard and see what comes out. Welcome to YODASNEWS.COM – home of the best floating sabbac game this side of Nal Hutta! Here is your week in review…

  • One can’t swing a dead mynock without hitting a rumor, spoiler or leak regarding the upcoming RISE OF SKYWALKER. Of course, these bits of information are nothing but rumors, and will remain rumors until the movie is viewed. Whether to read or not to totally up to the individual, but the constant question is are any of these leaks legit?

  • Triple Force Friday is now less than two weeks away. Much like the ROS leaks, there are plenty of ideas and, more recently, visual proof of what is now expected to hit the shelves in the toy department of your favorite store. Focusing on THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, THE MANDALORIAN, and STAR WARS JEDI: FALLEN ORDER by Electronic Arts, Triple Force Friday has the potential to fan the fires of even the most cynical collector. Hasbro really has a chance to shine here. I hope they take full advantage of the opportunity.

  • I remember when Star Wars hit it big in the 1970’s, I was obsessed with the action figures and the ships. However, the toy that I really wanted and never got? The white SSP van with the image of the heroes on the side. The Super Sonic Power racers were toy vehicles that had a ripcord that was inserted and then pulled out quickly. This made the wheels move. The car, van or motorcycle would then race across the kitchen floor and crash into your sister’s Holly Hobbie tea party. I give you all of this background information because it was the first thing I thought of when I saw this…

Look at that sweet ride! Only $9,800.00 and you can drive that thing right down the main drag of Mos Eisley. Granted, vans like that have lost a little of their appeal as the years rolled on. Nowadays, they might be viewed as a bit more creepy than they were back then. Fair enough. All I know is that I can’t fit that graphic of a X-Wing on the side of my car and the floor of my Nissan is covered with fast food wrappers and not the Millennium Falcon.

Well, that’s all I have for you this week. If you have anything you would like to share with me or if you just want to tell me that you just purchased that van, drop me a line at Traviscrafts@gmail.com. Until next week- be sure to take care of your teeth and don’t blow your motivator.